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Carrier Pigeon
Mobile App, Fall,2014

Carrier Pigeon is a mobile messenger application that reflects the real geolocation of senders and recipients.

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ITP Thesis Network
Data Viz, Autumn,2014

For thesis book, 2014 Interactive Telecommunications Program students chose up to 3 tags to represent their thesis. The network based on the tags shows how each thesis related to others.

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Broken Scape
Installation, Winter,2013

‘Broken Scape’ is paper sculpture representing perlin noise in modularized form.

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Performance, Winter, 2013

‘Cub3s’ is screen based interactive performance, while playing the sounds, the performer also triggers the connected visuals. ‘Cub3s’ was part of ‘Big Screens show 2013’ at IAC building, Chelsea.

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Can I have your sketch
Experiment, Fall,2013

“Can I have your sketch” is an experiment as a human compiler. I collected some visual sketches written in Processing from my friends, and tried to hand-draw the sketches.


Drawing together
Web, Spring, 2013

‘Drawing together’ is a web application for creating collaborative drawing experience. This splits one big image into 16 pieces, replaces original image to drawn image by user whenever user submits one.

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Drawing On Everything
Performance, Spring, 2013

The result from ‘Drawing On Everything’ class is interactive video designed for performance. Projected canvas reacts to narrative of performance, varying its shapes and patterns.


Installation, Winter, 2012

‘Drobot’ is a drawing robot controlled by people, giving the user a unique drawing experience. ‘Drobot’ was selected as part of Sony Wonder Technology Lab’s special 1-day event.

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Last 5 Minutes of Universe
video, Fall, 2012

‘Last 5 minutes Universe’ is a visualization of people’s answers for “What are you going to do for the last 5 minutes of the Earth”, collaborated with Negar Behbahani, David Lobser, and Dextor Miranda.

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Occupy University!
Installation, Summer, 2012

‘Occupy University!’ is a guerilla interactive media project against Seoul National University’s incorrigible decision on incorporation. This series went along with students’ occupation of administrative building. Cooperated with Inho Won, Seth Oh, Sungjin Nam.


Sound Invaders
Installation, Winter, 2012

‘Sound Invaders’ is a large scale interactive musical installation which responses to audience’s control through iPad. Cooperated with Inho Won, Sungjin Nam. This piece was part of ‘Big Screen, Big Game’ Project happened in Seoul Square.


Break Me
Installation, Fall, 2010

‘Break Me’ is an interactive installation on stairs which responses to audiences’ steps. Cooperated with Inho Won, Sungjin Nam. Exhibited in Game + Interactive Media Art, Museum of Art, Seoul National University.

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